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How to Use PushCrew to Build a Bigger Following

February 22, 2017 - Uncategorized

I have been watching a lot of the players in the marketing industry use Pushcrew. I actually use it myself as an end user. Meaning I am actually the person that ends up receiving the blog updates from people I follow. I have found it very easy to use as a reader of experts in the fields I want to learn from.

So My Ninjas.. I want to introduce you to PushCrew.

The tool that is going to help you not only capture more of an audience but it’s another arsenal tool that will help you level up over the competition. PushCrew has three plans including a free one. In this amazing tutorial, I am going to teach you how to use this tool with your blog. Now it’s not the end all be all tool. However, it will help you.

What is PushCrew and How will it help my business?

Pushcrew is a tool that provides your website with the ability to push notifications aka new blog posts that you write to your subscribers. It’s not invasive and it creates an easy way for you to connect your content to your subscribers.

Imagine every time you post a blog post to your blog.. your audience is notified before they even go to Facebook or to their email inbox. You are getting ahead of competitors. This is an easy and yet ninja way to get people to your blog posts without all the noise and distractions of Facebook or other Social Media Platforms.

How to Use PushCrew on Your Beachbody Website

You can sign up on Push Crew here.

Don’t know how to blog or where to start.. Don’t worry we have an easy course for that. Check out Blogging Course for Beachbody Coaches here.