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What Are You Really Getting With Your Beachbody Coach Website?

July 14, 2015 - Beachbody Coach Websites

There are many misconceptions that come with selecting a vendor for Beachbody Coach Websites. I think one of the most important questions for coaches like yourself to ask is, “What am I really getting with this vendor?” Most vendors provide website themes and website hosting for a simple monthly fee.

Now, if you think about the $10 – $30 dollars a month that you are spending on your Beachbody business, are you really getting value? Most people would say,  “Yes, I am. I mean $10 to $30 a month is nothing.” I disagree. I believe you are only getting a good deal  when that company is more invested in your success than the dollar amount you are paying them.

What Do Most Beachbody Coach Website Vendors Include?

Here is the simple breakdown-
90% of vendors that provide Beachbody Coach Websites include the following:

  • Several Themed Designs
  • Pre-Loaded Content for Beachbody Programs
  • Video Tutorials to help you along the way
  • Support Ticketing System

What Does WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness Include For Our Beachbody Coach Customers with Our Websites?

Yes, we provide those exact same items listed above. However, we go above and beyond all that. We provide a partnership that is unlike any other which I will talk about later. For now, let’s jump into the services and features that we provide at no additional cost to you when you purchase one of our Beachbody Coach Websites:

  • Fully Customizable Website
  • Pre-Loaded Content for All Beachbody Programs
  • Direct Sync to Your Beachbody Store
  • Tons of Video Tutorials that are easy to follow
  • Access to a Facebook Support Group that provides updates, tips, and help
  • What if a New Program comes out? We handle that too. 
    Don’t worry, we write content, build your page, and directly upload it to your website for you. We even sync it to your Beachbody Website.
  • Integration with Mail Chimp, Aweber, and ACEO.
  • Weekly Marketing Graphics
    – Designed For Programs Challenge Packs, Marketing, New Programs, and so much more. Updated Weekly.
  • Customizable Landing Pages for Challenge Groups
  • Live Telephone Support.
    On weekends too! Literally, we will help you on a Sunday.
  • We will make video tutorials for you.
    We will make them for things you want to know how to do. Just ask!
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Courses, Mentoring, and Consulting.
  • You Get Help Fixing Things You Break, Need Fixed, or If You Get Stuck, We Are Here.

Extra Services That Will Blow Your Mind:

  • We provide a monthly blog that is updated automatically to your website about fitness, health, or nutrition.
  • We provide weekly recipes that are also updated to your website directly and automatically.
  • Did I mention we offer Telephone and Screen Sharing Support on Weekends?

Our New Beachbody Coach Website and The Reaction From Our Customers

There is an old saying: “In order to keep your customers, you have to keep investing in your customers.” My team and I follow this everyday.

Here are a few screenshots from our REAL customers commenting on our new website theme:

WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness Customers Commenting About Our Newest Beachbody Coach Website More WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness Customers Commenting About Our Newest Beachbody Coach Website

So Why Do We Do All This Extra Stuff For The Same Price or A Few Extra Dollars Unlike Our Competitors?

My team and I believe in helping people. I am not in the business to just make a few extra bucks. I created WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness because I am in the people business. I believe no matter what I do whether it’s fitness, creating and managing websites, or some other career that most importantly, I am here to help people become better. I believe that I was given a set of gifts that help me understand marketing and influencing an audience, and my goal is to help others do just that. By providing more resources to help you, the Team Beachbody Coaching Body, I believe I am doing my part to help change the world to be a healthier place.

Conclusion: What You Are Getting with Our Beachbody Coach Website?

You are getting a digital marketing partner that is, above all, invested in YOUR success. Anyone can build you a website. There are several vendors out there that can build a Beachbody Coach Website. However, there is no one, and I mean no one, that can compete with our dedication and our service that we provide to our customers. So before you go thinking about getting a new website or your first website… Consider signing up with WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness!