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Getting Started:

  1. Website Overview
  2. Dashboard Overview
  3. Mapping Your Domain to Your New Website

Website Setup:

  1. Coach Setup
  2. Site Setup and Options
  3. Header Options, Site Navigation and Social Media
  4. Create Custom Form
  5. Footer and Sidebars
  6. Change Coach Bio and Before & After Picture

Creating/Editing Pages and Blog Posts:

  1. Create A Blog Post
  2. Create A Page
  3. Edit Home Page Banners
  4. Edit Home Page Features
  5. Edit Workout Program Main Page
  6. Edit and Add Workout Program Pages
  7. Join My Team Page

Recipes Tutorials:

  1. Recipe Overview
  2. How to Create A Recipe
  3. How to Be Ninja with Your Recipes
  4. How To Add Categories and Tags to Your Recipes

General Tutorials:

  1. Home Page Changes
  2. Changing Featured Programs
  3. How Do You Find Your Social Media Links?
  4. Why Aren’t My Beachbody Referrals Linking Right? Here Might Be Why.
  5. How Do I Change the Home Page to a New Page
  6. Fixing Errors on Program Pages
  7. How To Change Your Home Page
  8. Facebook Image Change
  9. How To Customize Your Home Page -Version 2
  10. How Do I Resize My Images?
  11. How Do I Add a Video to a Page?
  12. How To Integrate Mail Chimp to My Website
  13. How To Redirect Your Form to Your Beachbody Store
  14. Changing to Full Width Page
  15. How To Add Google Analytics Website to Your Beachbody Website
  16. How To Add More Programs to the Home Page
  17. How To Add Programs to Your Menu
  18. How to Copy A Page On WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness Websites | Beachbody Coaching Websites
  19. How To Add Titles to Your Beachbody Website?
  20. Changing to Full Width Page
  21. How to Add 21 Day Fix Extreme to Your Fitness Website
  22. Add Slider to Your Home Page
  23. How to Update a Program Page
  24. How to Add More Options to the Sidebar on the Home Page
  25. How To Add a Landing Page to Navigation Page
  26. How To Integrate ACEO with a WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness Website
  27. How to Add A Featured Image to the Blog Post – Revised Video
  28. How to Change Fonts On Your WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness Website
  29. How to Add Different Pictures to my Website
  30. How to Add Retargeting Pixels
  31. How to Add an Ebook or Freeium to your website
  32. How to Schedule A Blog Post
  33. How to Add A Featured Picture on your blog and get it to show up in Facebook
  34. How to make a Non-Clickable Menu Tab
  35. How to Add A Custom Facebook Feed to your Website
  36. How to Setup Fancy Author Box
  37. How to Fix the Ninja Pages
  38. Recipe Facebook Fix & Moving Recipe Order
  39. What do you do with your ninja page
  40. Creating Side Bar Traffic
  41. How to Change Your Password
  42. How To Create a Pop Up
  43. Learn How To Share and Update Your Blog Posts
  44. How to Change the Author In The Post
  45. How To Fix Website Link To Show The Right Image
  46. How to Add A Social Sharing Plugin to Your Blog Posts
  47. How To Embed A Video Into Your Website