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Personal Branding Bootcamp

Discover how to create a powerful personal brand in just 5 lessons

Most people think branding is just a fancy logo or website, when in fact branding is the foundation for everything you do, say, write and create in your business.

In our 5 lessons together, you’ll explore the 5 essential elements to crafting a personal brand so that your business adds value to the marketplace and attracts prospects and clients who need what you have to offer.

In this course, we’ll uncover…

  1. Why do you need a brand?
  2. Your purpose – Why do you do what you do and why should anyone care?
  3. Your ideal client – Get to know your perfect client intimately so you can start attracting clients who understand your value and are happy to pay your worth.
  4. Your mission – Define what are you out to accomplish in life. (Hint: it’s bigger than yourself.)
  5. Your brand’s mood + style – How do you want customers to feel when they interact with your brand? 
  6. Your strategy – We’ll show you how to “reverse engineer” your business to strategically attract your ideal client and optimize your brand to convert followers to leads and leads to sales.

This course is designed for…

Network Marketers, Solo-Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are their brand; they are ready to create an online presence, attract more customers to their business (without hunting them down) and actively build a brand that adds value to the world.

NOTE: This boot camp was originally created as a 5-day challenge. The content was delivered via email and the engagement, live videos and questions were hosted in private Facebook group. Some of the videos talk about the group and when I’ll be live – just ignore that. All content provided has been moved to a lesson, so don’t worry, you’re not missing a thing!