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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do the websites/landing pages integrate with my Team Beachbody shopping cart?

Yes! Our system is set up to integrate products with your Team Beachbody shopping cart. All you have to do is enter your Coach ID Number inside of the Coach Setup section in your website.

Can I use my own domain when using the WhoKnowsaguy Fitness platform?

Yes! We absolutely want you to use your own domain. It is an easy process and we will even set it up for you.

If I already have a website, do I have to use your platform for my website or can I just use the landing pages, marketing funnels, and participate in your free courses?

Great question! You do not have to use our platform for your website. You can use our platform for marketing funnels, sales pages, and membership portal. You can also use your current website domain brand with our platform.

Example: If your domain is “” and you want to use our landing pages/marketing funnels we would help you set up a subdomain with our platform i.e. “

Do I really get 30 days to try you guys out for Free? No strings attached?

Yes, absolutely. We believe that you should be able to try out a company provided service to see if they are the real deal or not. If you wish to cancel, just send us a message. No harm. No foul. Just like that.

Do your training courses that you offer on how to create Facebook ads, use Pinterest, and a variety of additional courses cost extra money?

Unlike our competitors, our membership fee includes all of our courses for you at no extra charge. This way you can learn how to effectively market your business and remain a WKG customer because you are successful due to our free training and resources.

Are you guys actually Trained Ninjas?

Ha. Ha. Ha. No. We get asked that question a lot. We don’t know who actually coined the term and started calling us “Ninjas” but it is a nickname that definitely caught on within our community. After months and months of being called Ninjas, we decided to run with the brand.

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