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How to Build Your Avatar

There is nothing worse than trying to build a business without any direction of who you are marketing to. Sure, there is the ability to market to business owners, women, men, or people between a certain age.

When you build your avatar for your business there is a sense of purpose. A reason to be in business. ¬†An Avatar gives your users the ability to ask “Anne” (your avatar’s name) if she would consider using or needing this product or service? Does this product service solve Anne’s pains or provide her with a solution?

If you review the picture below, you will see all different types of Avatars. Now you could blindly say that all these people could use your service. However, marketing to them will leave you with a half fulfilled result. Now, if you marketed to one particular person and you understood their pain points, buying habits, and constructed your marketing to speak to the one person in this group and the people most like that one person, you would have a better result for your business.




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