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How to Write an Engaging Blog Post with a Youtube Video and Facebook Live

Often times when a business owner is faced with writing content, I have found that a majority of business owners are not writers. However, you don’t have to be an amazing writer to write blog posts and produce content. The goal of blog writing is to market your business, engage your audience, and provide value to your audience.

In the next several lessons in this Blog Writing Course for Beachbody Coaches, I am going to show you how to write blog posts that are engaging, fun, and easy to write. This will allow you to have the time to write great blog posts while being consistent.

Creating Your First Blog Post Using YouTube:

YouTube is the #2 most searched website on the internet besides Google. Why? Easy.  YouTube has valuable and informational content. You can easily use this content to embed on your website and engage people.

1. Watch the How to Create a Blog Post with a YouTube Video below.
2. Find a Video on YouTube that is relatable to your audience
3. Write and Create your own blog post article based on your chosen YouTube video.
4. Below the How to Video, there are more how to videos if you need help.

How to Tutorial: Create a Blog Post with a YouTube Video

Examples Blog Post 1:

Examples Blog Post 2:

Tutorial: How to Create a Blog Post

Tutorial: How to Embed a YouTube Video


How to Write a Blog with Facebook LIVE

Facebook Live is one of the most powerful and popular marketing mediums that coaches can use to reach their audience. Facebook Live is one of the most popular and powerful Marketing Mediums that you have access to these days. However, what happens to the Facebook Live Videos after the 2nd day? They go no where… Gone. Bye Bye.

Until 1 year later when Facebook reminds you of everything that you did that day. What if that Live was super inspirational? Wouldn’t you want to send it to new prospects or challengers?

This method is called “Re-Purposing Content” to keep your content engaging and relevant for the future. Could you imagine doing the same Facebook Live topic every month? That would be very redundant.

Here is exactly how you do that. This is more than money. This is pure liquid gold. If you learn anything in this course. This is the one I hope you learn from the most.

To Do List:

Watch the How to Video Facebook Live Videos for Blogs
Go Live about a Fun Topic.
Write a Blog Post about the Facebook Live.
Example Post:

Video Tutorial: How To Use Facebook Live for Blogs