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What The Heck Do I Focus On?

There are many times that I hear coaches talk about how they feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and lost with their business. There is so much noise. There are so many people out there giving advice: from your upline coach, leaders in the industry, leaders in other industries, books, podcasts, blogs, and so many more. How the heck do you focus when there is so much to do and so much out there to learn?

Truthfully? There is no easy answer because even this blog post is giving you advice about how you should grow your business. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I promise there is. Your business doesn’t have to be like the diagram below.

To Much Advice for My Beachbody Business

Why Is This So Complicated?

This answer is simple. Technology. Technology and platforms are far more advancing than ever before. Technology is competing with other technology. Facebook is competing with Google. Instagram is competing with Snapchat. Plus there will always be another new platform right around the corner trying take their place.

Now, not to bore you with the details that you already know but the technology race has created multiple platforms for businesses to compete on. Thus causing a complete and overwhelming takeover of your life and business.

Now you might have been fine at one point minding your own business thinking you got this thing down. Then BAM!  You hear about another coach having success with a new technique or platform.

The “Panic Attack” Effect

The Panic Attack for Beachbody Coaches

The story goes like this:

“Did you just hear about (insert coaches name)? She is crushing it with Instagram Stories and got 52 people to sign up for her challenge group..”

or this one:

“I was just on this zoom with (Top Coach’s Name) and they said you need to get your Facebook Like Page up to 50,000 likes and then post 15 x’s a day and get a 250,000 person reach and then you will be successful!”

or my favorite:

“I was told that Facebook Ads don’t work, websites don’t work, and the only way you grow this business is to…..”

This is what I call the “Panic Attack” Effect.  It’s when you hear of someone’s success or failure with something and you immediately doubt yourself or think you have to do what they are doing in order to be successful. So you rush around trying to learn everything you can to figure out what they are doing meanwhile your daily business to-do’s fall to the way side.

Next thing you know, you are looking around asking “What happened to this month? It is the 28th and have zero sales and zero people in my free group?! Ahhhh!!! ” Then you are sitting there feeling frustrated and wondering why you are even a coach. This is the result of the “Panic Attack” effect.

Now.. I am not saying don’t try to learn what works for other coaches. What I am saying is do it with the right context. Learn by watching, listening, and then taking action. Just because someone said “I did xyz and that will get you success” doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate. Understand that there are variables with all success. Variables that you don’t know. Also variables that the person of the success story doesn’t realize. Yes, there are people out there that have success and they don’t see some variables that made them successful.

So How Do You Build A Focused Business?

It all starts with the foundation. The foundation is the difference between a stable growing business and a business that has very low lows and very high highs. You want your business to increase over time. Not increase then fall. Then increase and fall again.

The Foundation of a Beachbody Business:

Foundation Marketing

1. Your Why?

I know many coaches talk about this. Your why is going to give you a reason to stay up late and get up early. Your why is going to help you through the tough times. Your why is going to help you go from $0 in the bank to growing a business that impacts the lives of others. No Why. No Business.

2. Success Stories & Testimonials

There are so many times when I speak to a coach that is struggling and only to find out they don’t have any testimonials or personal success stories. A business can only survive based on the success stories of their customers. Simple. If you don’t have success stories or testimonials. This needs to be your top priority.

Testimonials will bring you more referrals, community awareness, and a stronger brand that will in turn create a snowball effect.

3. Your Brand & Rally Cry

If you could learn one thing from this article it’s that you need a brand. A brand is how you build a reputation, generate referrals, and continue to make relationships. You might want to have an individual brand like Mark Briggs or Chalene Johnson. Or you might want to have a business brand like FarmStrong Coaching or TheGetFit Mission. However, what that brand stands for will be the cornerstone of how you market and grow your business.

A business/brand known as someone that provides a community value will last many tough storms. A business/brand known as a sales pitch or constant product push will fall hard at the first sight of a rain storm.

If you need help with branding, I highly recommend this Beachbody Coach branding course.

4. Know Your Ideal Customer a.k.a Your Avatar

If you are trying to go after everyone… you will lose. You need to find who you want to work with and focus on bringing value to that audience. Once you know who your ideal customer is make sure you pick only 3 programs that would fit your ideal customer. Too many products will confuse your audience. You don’t want to confuse people. You want to be the expert and you want to empower them to make an informed choice.

5. Value. Value. Value. Offer Value.
Build Value with your Beeachbody Business

Where is the value? I can’t stress this enough. What’s the difference between someone buying 21 Day Fix from an infomercial and buying it from you?

They are buying you. Not Beachbody. Plus there are 1,000 fitness products and not to mention the 100 + personal trainers in every 50 mile radius. You are the value. What you bring to the table is the value. However, just knowing who you are is not enough. Or everyone liking your Facebook Page would be jumping into your lap to be apart of your challenge group. Build value in your offerings.

Value is everything. Building value is how businesses win. Not because you are likeable. I know plenty of people that are some of the nicest people in the world and yet their business is not successful.

No one is going to buy form you because you put up a picture of yourself drinking Shakeology and a link to your Shakeology sales link. People are going to buy from you because what you offer of value to them that can make an impact in their own lives.

Value Adds for Your Beachbody Business:

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly One-on-One Calls
  • A Free Consultation Call
  • Meeting in person once a month
  • Private content only for participants
  • A Dream Building Event

These are just some random ideas I have for Beachbody businesses. There are tons more. However, it’s your business. Not mine or anyone else’s. You have to bring the value.

How To Market Your Business Successfully with Focus

Successful Marketing Beachbody Coaches

Okay, now that we have covered the foundation of your business. It comes down to marketing. Ultimately the #1 goal of an entrepreneur/coach is to drive business and retain business. You do this by marketing, sales, and customer service. In no particular order.

(Author’s Notes: Stay with me here. I am bringing the whole article together.)

With marketing your business, you have to make sure that you are consistent. I can’t stress this enough. Consistency is where you will win. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. While you may be able to out work your competition or other coaches, consistency marketing beats hard work any day.

In order to be consistent you have to have a plan. A plan that doesn’t necessarily have to include to use all 50 + marketing mediums like Instagram, Facebook Live, Facebook Business Page, and on down the list. A plan that is solely focusing on marketing your message, offering your value, and engaging on different mediums that send your audience somewhere consistently to opt-in to what you are offering which would be your website.

No matter what medium you are using whether it’s one or all it comes down to  the foundation of your business and the value you are offering.

Facebook will eventually go away like Myspace, Instagram will change again with a new feature, and Snapchat may dominate the world…. However, your foundation that you build on your website will not fade. You will always have a place where your business lives no matter what changes may come. You don’t have run around like a mad woman and chase the next big thing that comes out. When something does come out or a new platform is released you can say, I got thisand market that platform like a Boss Lady.

Final Thoughts:

The crazy thing is that your business could work for you. With online marketing, you could build a machine that generates business consistently and even at 2 am. That’s the beauty about online marketing.

However, online marketing and business in general takes trial and error. It takes time to learn how to get it right. How to perfect your success stories, how to upload a Youtube video, how to go Live and then what to do next time when you go live to get more people engaged, and you have to keep trying even when you get knocked down or things blow up in your face. The Why is going to keep you going.

I know a coach that has a marketing campaign with landing page that consistently wakes up each day to 2-4 new leads in the morning. Leads are people that want to speak and do business with that coach. Did it work the first time? No. Did it work the 2nd time the coach tried? No. But eventually the coach got the marketing message, landing page, and first communication with the lead down right. The coach worked on the foundation of the marketing campaign and created a success. You can do exactly what this coach did. First you have to have a foundation.

Focus on the Basics:

  1. Build your foundation and make sure it’s solid.
  2. Make sure your foundation has a home with a website.
  3. Master one medium at time. (ie Facebook Live, Instagram)
    3a. Be Consistent.
    3b. Tweak things as needed.
  4. Rinse and Repeat Step 3

Side Note:  I know I am saying you need a website. We happen to be a website company.  I don’t care if you use us for a website or not. However, you need a website into today’s world. Bottom line. Not a Blog. A website. Choose any website company as long as you can put a form on there with no ideas and map your domain to it.