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Training Courses

We have all sorts of course for you to choose from. Our goal is to help you grow your business by effectively using your Beachbody Website that you have with WhoKnowsaGuy Fitness.

Three Different Type of Courses:

We offer three type of course for your business. We request that you do them in order. This will help best maximize your business and engage with your customer.

  1. Blog Mastery Course
    In this course you will learn how to effectively blog on different topics, you will learn how to write a blog schedule, how to create a blog post on the fly, and also how to creat headlines & call to actions to increase visitors and traffic.
  2. Ninja In The Making Course
    In this course you will take your Beachbody Website to a whole new level. You will learn how to effectively create landing pages that convert. We will show you how to increase conversions and how to maximize your website to the fullest.
  3. Facebook Ninja Marketing & Lead Generation Course
    It’s one thing to know how to run an AD. It’s another thing, to know how to set up retargeting that keeps your audience engaged. Our goal is to teach you how to set up with full Facebook Marketing Campaign that generate leads for your business.

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Blog Writing Course