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How to Use Ninja Recipes with Your Website

Sometimes.. You have to just build it yourself…

After trying to use many other Recipe Plugins on WordPress, we found that none of them were built right. So…  we out and built out own Recipe Ninja Plugin for our Fitness Coaches. Our Goal is to make sure our Ninja Recipe Plugin is easy to use and leaves your audience with a great experience. The following video will give you an overview of our Ninja Recipe Plugin.

What Our Ninja Recipe Looks Like for our Fitness Coaches

A Screenshot of Our Ninja Recipe Plugin

It’s Easy I promise…. No really..

Our goal with our Ninja Recipe Plugin is to make it easy for you. I think max it would take you 5 mins to create a recipe. You can make it simple and you have  the option to add a ton of content about one recipe if you wish. Remember it’s about the ability to create great content to share on Pinterest, Facebook, and other Social Media places to help drive traffic.

Adding it to your Navigation is Simple…

Did you see that? I didn’t use easy this time. The Navigation part of this training is just simple. So simple I bet I can do it blindfolded… Okay maybe I am getting ahead of myself but it’s simple.

If you know me…
I really like being a Ninja…

This means I only want you to be a ninja with the ninja things we build for you. So I am going to always teach you ninja things. This video allows you to be a ninja with your Recipes including:

  • Sharing your recipes on Facebook And Pinterest
  • Sharing your Recipes in your groups
  • Creating More Categories
  • Adding More Recipe Options in Your Menu